Ballarat youth learn tools to tackle mental health

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TEAM WORK: Youth Council members Amy Zuell, Letesha Stephens, Brienna Kamp and Brodae Kamp with rapper Mitchell Burgess discussing plans. Picture: Siobhan CalafioreFunworkshops, inspiring guest speakers and live music arepart of a program designed by youth for youthputting the spotlight on mental health and wellbeing.

City of BallaratYouth Council’s Change Your Story event hopes to equipyoung people with the tools to help themselves put their wellbeing first through self-care and creative methods.

Youth Council member Letesha Stephens said guest speakers Ben Pettingill and Mike Rolls would offer a refreshing take onovercoming adversity and challenges.

Mr Pettingill lost 98 per cent of his eyesight at 16 froma rare genetic syndrome, while Mr Rolls lost his legs when he survived Meningococcal septicaemiaat 18.

There will also be live music, creative arts, theHealthy Hub Wellness Centre’s workshop onnutrition and a free lunch provided.

Ballarat rap artist Mitchell Burgess, known asEMBE, will lead a songwriting and hip hop workshop through Project Origin, where he will discuss lyrics, beats and help participants gain the confidence toshare their stories.

“When I started writing stuff down it was a chance to vent andit has helped me so much creating music,” Burgess said. “For me to share that and try to get other people to use thatsame medium is really important, it’s creative but you also get to speak about something you might not feel like you could have spoken about before.”

Meanwhile, organisations such as Ballarat Community Health and Headspace Ballarat are involved in the Chill Out Zone, which includes beanbags, giant gamesand the StoryPod –a space to record a messageandhelp form a mental health video.

Youth Council member Brienna Kamp hoped the event would help young people feel more connected.

“Mental health is a big problem around youth community because our brains are still developing and we don’t have as much experience in the world,” she said.

“A lot of the time we feel a little bit alone and are hard on ourselves… we face bullying, puberty and all of this hard stuff soit’s really helpful to know there are people out there who understand.”

The eventtakes place at Morshead Park on April 20and is aimed at people aged 12-25 with school groups encouraged to attend. To book your place visithttps://www.eventbrite老域名出售.au/e/change-your-story-tickets-43541454663.

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