ABC creates reality show with a conscience

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ABC series Employable Me follows people with Neuro diverse conditions as they search for employment.Finding a job can be a struggle, for some more than others.

In a new ABC series, Employable Me, a group of people with Neuro diverse conditions such as Autism, OCD and Tourette Syndrome are followed as they search for meaningful employment.

The show doesn’t exploit their conditions, instead it aims to assist them in their search for their dream job.

Sydney man, Jonathan, is autistic and said taking part in the show was a “no-brainer” as he tried to find his ideal job.

“If I had a dream job that was structured around providing tangible benefits to society, it would involve being a forensic accountant,” Jonathan said.

It might seem strange that anyone could find a job with cameras following their every move, but Jonathan actually found it beneficial.

“I must take to having a camera pointed at me like a duck takes to a pond,” he said.

“I thrived in the presence of many cameras, even as other people were somewhat confused, surprised. I was more concerned with my chest hair that came off when the microphone was taken off.”

As part of the show, the job-seeker went through a functional work assessment from Sydney University’s Brain and Mind Research Centre, interviewed for several cadetships – meeting with Ernst & Young and Westpac – and gained valuable work experience.

He believes the show doesn’t just benefit him, but could serve as a larger example to society.

“What I can say with certainty is that myself and other documentary participants have sent out a message that is really hard to ignore. A message that could potentially lead to an Autistocracy – government that is led, managed by people with a high functioning-type of mental disorder, ” he said.

“But maybe I might be getting too ahead of myself.”

* Employable Me, premieres on Tuesday, April 3 at 8.30pm (AEDT) on ABC and ABC iview.

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