Churches around Newcastle draw big attendances on Easter Sunday for respective religious services

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IN FULL VOICE: The crowd at St. Phillip’s Theatre during The Grainery Church band’s performance on Sunday morning. Picture: Max Mason-Hubers. Thousands of a novocastrians attended Easter church services on Sunday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus from the dead in their respective festivities.

At Waratah, The Grainery Church began their 10am service with songs from the church band inthe theatre ofSt Philip’sChristian College.

Senior Pastor Sue Irwin said her church was celebrating God’s love across three services, which she said about 800 would attend.

“We’re celebrating life, actually,” she said. “The resurrection of Jesus, which is life. It’s all about people discovering what love is all about. It’s about people not being the centre of their universe, letting God be the centre of the universe and people coming together and loving each other as we’re meant to love each other.”

At Hamilton, Catholics filledSacred HeartCathedral for the 9.30am St Benedict’s Parish service delivered by Bishop Bill Wright and Father Andrew Doohan.

Churches around Newcastle packed for Easter Sunday services TweetFacebook Easter Sunday church services.Pictures: Max Mason-Hubers. “We’re not [just] celebrating an event 2000 years ago, butthe implication of Jesus rising from the dead and that he’s alive now,” BishopWright said.

The Cathedral had aSaturday evening vigilfollowing their Good Friday services, along with the Sunday mass which BishopWrightestimated about 600 attended.

“I was struck by the amount of youngpeople;young families and people by themselves,” hesaid.

At Christ Church Cathedral, the Anglican Diocese of Newcastle held three morning services before their 6pm festal evensong.

Dean of the Cathedral Katherine Bowyer said their 10am orchestral Eucharist drew about 500 people. She delivered their services along with Bishop Peter Stuart.

“This morning actually started last night with the first service of Easter, the vigil,” she said on Sunday.

“We had baptisms and confirmation at that, it was a wonderful serviceabout light shining in the darkness and darkness can’t overcome the light.

“The message of Easter is a reminder to usthat we’re called to be people who out of brokenness, are called to live a new life,live a new way of life and we can’t go back to the way we were.”

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