April Fool’s Day jokes around China

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Not only did ns score an extra hour sleep onSunday and wake up to copious amounts of chocolate eggs hidden around the house, they were also treated to a series of good and not-so-good April Fool’s Day jokes.

Here are some of the absolute crackers getting around right now.

S.Group, a multi-disciplinary creative agency, announced the company will be re-branding to S.T.D Group, with changes coming into effect on Sunday.

The name change was based on the group’s desire to includethe letter Tto represent brand and marketing director Tara Howell andthe letter D to represent design, hence the re-brand to S.T.D Group.

The group has offices in Launceston, Hobart and Melbourne.

Virgin launched the world’s first in-flight cycling studio.

The airline partnered with Virgin Active to bring spin classes to the sky, giving long-haul passengers the chance to earnVelocity Frequent FlyerPoints for every kilometre they cycle.

A Tasmanian-based pizza company, Wiseguise, announced it was extending delivery zones thanks to the new Wisguise Delivery Helicopter.

Giving Melburnians, Hobartians and Adelaidians the chance to get a piping hot Wiseguise pizza choppered to them.

n Geographic got in on the fun by posting a warning to tourists about drop bear attacks.

“Drop bears are less likely to attack people with n accents, according to experts at the University of Tasmania,” the story said.

Read the scathing report here.

High-risk traffic offenders better take it extra easy on the road this Easter asTasmania Police’sspecialist detection dogs have hit the streets.

On Sunday Tasmania Police said Elvis was trained to detect octane levels and engine decibels.

”While opponents have criticised him for the fact he aint never caught a rabbit, we’re satisfied that he ain’t nothing but a Hoon Dog,” a Facebook post by Tasmania Police said.

“When he detects hooning he gyrates his hips and wobbles his knees.”

Imagine cats enjoying the great outdoors without ever leaving the lounge room…Well Zoos Victoria has released a virtual reality headset for cats.

CatVR was designed to allow cats to experience adventures from the comfort and safety of their home.

While Zoos Victoria was quick to explain the announcement was a gimmick, the organisation used the day to remind ns that nine out of 10 cats that stray from the home are never united with their owners.

“Even if they do return home safely, their adventures pose a threat to the surrounding wildlife, with recent estimates stating that pet cats kill 77.6 million birds each year in ,” a Zoos Victoria spokeswoman said.

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