Short Takes April 3 2018

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CONGRATULATIONS to Maitland City Council for supporting a container terminal(“Council supports port play”, Herald 2/4). A world-class container terminal onthe former steelworks site will handle 2 million containers a year. If thiscapacity is reached in five years, the Port of Newcastle will be required topay the state government $8 billion by 2063. All of this money will be paidby the state to the Port Botany lessee, as compensation for losingbusinessto Newcastle.

Greg Cameron, WamboinACTUALLY, Mark Creek(Short Takes30/3), Therese Doyle’s bid for lord mayor was based on a comprehensiveGreens platform.“Wonderful”Supercars, which overrode all legislation designed to protect the rights of local residents and businesses, was only one issue. She obviously knows how much money was spent by council but the wider community don’t and should know. The information should be revealed by the lord mayor and general manager and not hidden by commercial in confidence spin.

Keith Parsons, NewcastleMAY I take this opportunity to congratulate both David Threlfo and NBN Television for retelling the story of the Richmond Vale railway’s closure, both now and 30 years ago. As one of the so-called train robbers I personally know how much effort and enthusiasm there was on David’s part to record this event, even back to 1987. Due to his effort a pat of ’s industrial history has been recorded for all time. I was most impressed with this latest chapter, and also to see that my fellow conspirators are still as passionate about the lost railway as ever. It was good whilst she lasted.

Ray Cross, MorpethAM I missing something? Certain cricketers attempt to deceive their teammates, their opposition and the n nation by tampering with a cricket ball. Some years ago, an n Prime Minister deceived the nation with his claims of children overboard. The cricketers are now painted as the worst of the worst among sports personnel whereas the greater deceiver paid no penalty for his monstrous abuse of the truth and its consequences. What’s going on? By what morals do we live?

Brian Roach, WhitebridgeSTEVE Smith, David Warner and Cameron Bancroft, receiving, 12 months and 9 months respectively, for the ball tampering scandal. I consider that punishment, light, when you think back many years ago, Bookmakers Bill Waterhouse and his son Robbie, were warned off all race tracks, for 18 years over the Fine Cotton ring in. Please explain.

David Davies, Blackalls ParkI BELIEVE Cricket officials must take some of the blame for the recent ball tampering incident. Anyone that follows cricket could see that David Warner has been a ticking time bomb that could explode at any time. Instead of being disciplined and told to pull his head in for his aggressive behaviour and outbursts, he was apparently just given a slap on the wrist and told to be a good boy. Now that It’s all ended in tears, I think cricket officials bear some blame.

Jim Gardiner, New Lambton

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