Short Takes March 30 2018

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THEbans are fair enough. The rest of the n test team have so much personal integrity and so much respect of n cricket fans that I am sure they will knuckle down and play honestly and well. I urge them to look for all the good which can come from this blot on the landscape (field). By the time the new season starts towards the end of the year, the fans will support the test team as never before.Tim and the team – show the world how ns can rise above setbacks. We will support you and the media will start to praise you. Best of luck boys. “Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Oi! Oi! Oi!”

Ian Stewart, Elermore ValeA QUICK search on the internet shows the federal government defines a metropolitan area as any statistical division or district with a population of more than 100,000 (“Call us metro: Nelmes”, Herald 29/3). Accordingly there are at least 16 metropolitan areas in . Even Darwin, Northern Territory (Urban area population at 2016 census of 145,916) is metropolitan. If there ever was a debate, it is now closed. It is the state government which is living in a state of denial and playing politics. It is all about maximizing the amount of federal money which can be channelled towards Sydney.

Mati Morel, ThorntonI, LIKE so many who write to the Herald, deplore the slump the city has fallen into. I suggest some changes. I like the sound of Hunter City which would celebrate our rather neglected river, but it will take some getting used to. What about a big something at Nobbys? I suggested a Barbie Doll but was shouted down. But seriously folks, I would like to see a seasonal festival. Yes, four a year, like the Celts my ancestors would hold. Just add some son et lumiere, music and action.

Jerry Garland, WarabrookIN REPLY to Paul Sutcliffe (Short Takes 29/3) some of us have the capacity to be outraged by more than one thing

Mark Bowen,BroadmeadowTHERESE Doyle (Letters 27/3) built and lost her bid for lord mayor on helping the East End residents to stop the Supercars event from going ahead. Now she is again using innuendo to derail this wonderful event. I believe she know very well what money was spent by the council, Destination NSW and by Supercars to get the initial works done for the event. So rather than ask questions designed to stir up trouble, come out and reveal the answers yourself.

Mark Creek,AdamstownTIME tells a true story eventually (“Empire crumbling”, Herald 29/3). I believe the Catholic church never intended to help out with affordable housing (whatever that means) on the Empire Hotel site.It was, in my view, simply a money grab,holding onto andthen selling the land at great profit.

Graeme Bennett,Warners BayA BIG thank you to all the people at the John Hunter stroke unit and also the Kurt hospital rehabilitationfacility who cared for me after my stroke. With your help I am the road to recovery, and I cannot thank you fine people enough.

Joe Higgins,Millfield

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