SA govt to probe generator contract

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A special investigator will look into SA Labor’s decision to purchase emergency generators.A special investigator has been appointed to investigate the former South n Labor government’s decision to purchase emergency generators to ensure power supplies during summer.

Liberal Deputy Premier Vickie Chapman says Labor’s purchase of the nine generators was shrouded in “secrecy” and uncertainty and needs scrutiny.

“The public has the right to know exactly how much has been spent to date on these diesel generators, what the ongoing costs will be and whether there is a binding contract,” Ms Chapman said on Tuesday.

Labor announced the purchase of the generators late last year amid a longer-term plan to link them together to form a government-owned power station.

At the time, it said the generating capacity would help avoid blackouts during periods of high demand or when emergencies, such as storms, cut electricity supplies.

Labor originally planned to lease the generators for the first two years, but opted to exercise an option to buy them in November.

The purchase price was not released, but former premier Jay Weatherill said it fitted within the government’s wider $550 million plan to secure energy supplies and bring down power prices.

Ms Chapman said the new government’s investigator will consider whether the decision to purchase the generators was binding and what advantage, if any, there was in exercising the option early.

It also wants to know what options are open to the government in regard to their future management and ownership.

“The taxpayers of South have the right know if the former Labor Government wasted their money in a blind panic,” Ms Chapman said.

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