Carbon monoxide fears spark warning for Vulcan and Pyrox Heritage gas heaters

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Carbon monoxide fears spark gas heater warning The Vulcan Heritage gas heater. Picture: Energy Safe Victoria

The Pyrox Heritage gas heater. Picture: Energy Safe Victoria

TweetFacebookVictoria’s energy safety regulator has issued a warning for two gas heater models that can produce high levels of the potentially deadly gas carbon monoxide.

Energy Safe Victoria says anyone with either a Vulcan Heritage or Pyrox Heritage gas heater needs to have it tested by a qualified gas fitter before use.

The warningfollows the decisionto conduct a coronialinquest into the death of a Melbourne woman from carbon monoxide poisoninglast winter.

Sonia Sofianopoulos, 62,was using a Vulcan Heritage heater in her unit at the time she died.

Victoria’s director of energy safety,Paul Fearon, said the Vulcan and Pyrox Heritage heatersproduced high levels of carbon monoxide under certain conditions.

The heaters are old technology and are not designed to operate in newer homes that are better sealed and have less ventilation.

“If the house is well sealed and the heater is operating at the same time as a kitchen or bathroom exhaust fan, carbon monoxide from the heater can be drawn into living areas,” Mr Fearonsaid.

Tenants Victoria chief executive officer Mark O’Brien said renters should contact their landlords immediately if they had concerns about gas appliances.

“If people are at all concerned about their gas heater and whether or not it’s been checked, they should write to their landlord and refer to the Energy Safe Victoria guidelines which say that gas heaters should be serviced every two years,” Mr O’Brien said.

In 2010, Mooroopna childrenChase and Tyler Robinson, aged 8 and 6, also died from carbon monoxide poisoning in their home, while their mother Vanessa fell seriously ill.

The gas heaterhad not been cleaned or serviced in some five years, and there was little ventilation in the rented home.

Heater manufacturer Climate Technologies has a program in place to check every Vulcan Heritageor Pyrox Heritage heater.

Anyone with one of these heaters should call Climate Technologies on(03) 8795 2462.

Those living in Department of Health and Human Services housing should call1800 148 426.

Mr Fearon said any indoor gas appliances should be checked by a gas fitter at least once every two years.

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