Luke Evan Jackson looks set to avoid jail for break-in, assaults

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Newcastle courthouse. LUKE Jackson was celebrating Day last year when someone told him that his estranged father was dead.

The complicated relationship he had with his dad, his level of intoxication and the callous nature with which the message–which wasn’t true –was delivered combined to set in train a violent series of events.

Jackson, a man with no prior criminal record, would bargehis way into a house armed with a knife and then kickthe front door off another house before finding –and bashing –his very much alive father.

Jackson, 30, of Tingira Heights, has pleaded guilty to a number of offences, the most serious of which – aggravated break and enter and commit serious indictable offence – carries a maximum penalty of 20 years.

But he appears set to avoid a jail term after Newcastle District Court Judge Tanya Bright ruled he could serve his two-year sentence by way of an intensive corrections order (ICO), a form of custodial sentence served in the community, due to the “unusual circumstances of the case” as well as Jackson’s prior good character and excellent prospects of rehabilitation.Jackson, who was represented by solicitor Roland Day, went to a party at Warners Bay on Day, 2017, and appeared to be in good spirits until a man told him that his dad was dead.

The news, and the way it was delivered, deeply distressed Jackson, who left the party and went to a house at Windale, according to a statement of facts.

He knocked on the door before pushing past one of the occupants and asking where his father was.

Jackson pushed one man into his bedroom where he smashed his television and grabbed his arm. It was around this time that the victim noticed that Jackson was holding a knife.

“Come and show me where my dad is,” Jackson told the man.

They got into Jackson’s car and drove around to another house in Windale. Jackson later told the man, who was scared for his life, that: “if you tell anyone I’ll kill you”.

Jackson then ripped open a locked screen door and kicked down a wooden door to gain access to his father’s house. Once inside, he knocked his father’s bedroom door off its hinges and began punching his father in the head, causing blood to squirt over both of them.

When he left, Jackson told a woman at the house: “Don’t call the police, he deserved it.”

As he was being arrested, Jackson first asked police if his father was OK and then said: “He f—ing deserved it”.

“I didn’t even go that hard on him,” Jackson told police.

“I even wrapped my knuckles in towels to soften the blow because he’s such a pussy.”

The matter was adjourned to May for Jackson to be assessed to determine if he is suitable to serve an ICO.

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