Newy’s Biggest Plant Sale will be held at The Edwards on April 7 and 8

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Going Green: Indoor plants can make people feel happier, more relaxed and less stressed. They also clean and humidify the air. Indoor plants have been part of human culture for centuries.

It makes sense to want to bring a bit of nature inside, especially nowadays in anera when people seem to spendmore time indoors.

Indoor plants have been shown to improve air quality. They also make people feel good. Numerous studies have shown them tohave psychological benefits.

In a 2015 study,Chungnam National University in South Korea studied the effects of indoor plants on 24 young male adults.

It found thatactive interaction with indoor plants can reduce physiological and psychological stress.

“This is accomplished through suppression of sympathetic nervous system activity and diastolic blood pressure and promotion of comfortable, soothedand natural feelings,” it said.

Which brings us to an event to be held next weekend, titled Newy’s Biggest Plant Sale – House Plant Revival.

The event is run byAmanda and Andrew Marsh, who sharea love forplants.

They run a website called Desert Sunday Collective, which sells indoor plants.

Each week, theyrelease new products including succulents, cactus andindoor plants. These orders are then delivered to Newcastle and surrounding areas.

“Ferns, bird of paradise, devil’s ivy and rubber trees to the trendy snakeplantand fiddle leaf figs are some of our most popularplantsat the moment,” Amanda said.

It began in August 2016 when their favourite cactus broke into pieces during an interstate move from Adelaide to Newcastle.

They propagated it back to life. Or,as they like to say, “it made babies”.

During this time, theylost their beloved mum, Julie, tocancer.

“Our collection helped us deal with our grief as we spent many hours replanting, loving and nurturing our smallplantcollection,” Andrew said.

“Our mum was a keen gardener and she found much joy in herplants. We consider Desert Sunday Collective a gift from her. We hope to spread as much joy and happiness through ourplants, as her life gave to everyone she knew.”

The event will be held next weekend (April 7 and 8) from 9am to 3pm atThe Edwards bar in Newcastle West.

It’ll feature 3000plantsincluding succulents, cacti, ferns andindoorplants.

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