Aust diplomats to be expelled from Russia

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Malcolm Turnbull says there is no justification for Russia’s expulsion of two n diplomats.Moscow has given two n diplomats a week to leave Russia in retaliation for Canberra booting out two of its spies.

In a joint statement on Saturday morning, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said there is no justification for the expulsions by Russia.

“This is a disappointing, although not unexpected, reaction by the Russian Government to the decision of the n Government to expel two Russian diplomats working as undeclared intelligence officers,” the statement said.

“‘s action was in concert with 28 other nations expelling a total of 153 Russian diplomats in an unprecedented demonstration of global solidarity with the United Kingdom.”

On Wednesday Ms Bishop announced two Russian spies had been given six days to leave , in a show of solidarity with the UK over the poisoning of former double agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury.

Labor leader Bill Shorten supported the government’s decision, calling it an appropriate and proportionate response.

“The Russian Government must understand there are real consequences for engaging in attacks on foreign soil and refusing to tell the truth about them,” he said in a joint statement with Labor senator Penny Wong on Saturday.

“We have to act in the way that we believe is in ‘s national interest, and on this occasion that was sending a strong signal that we reject Russia’s action and we stand with our friends and allies.”

‘s ambassador to Russia Peter Tesch was among the diplomats summoned to the Russian foreign ministry on Friday to be told of the expulsions.

The diplomatic mission in Moscow has 10 staff.

In total, Russia will expel 59 diplomats from 23 countries following on the expulsion of 23 British and 60 American diplomats earlier in the week.

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Warner fears international career is over

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Former n cricket vice-captain fears his international career may be finished. Former n cricket vice-captain David Warner fears his international career may be finished.

A distraught David Warner fears his international career is over because of his “inexcusable” role in cricket’s ball-tampering scandal and is considering retirement.

Warner revealed during a press conference in Sydney on Saturday that he was weighing up whether or not to to attempt to return following his 12-month ban handed down by Cricket .

The former vice-captain admitted he faced a long road back from the scandal which has rocked the game to its core.

“In the back of my mind I suppose there is a tiny ray of hope that I may one day be given the privilege of playing for my country again, but I am resigned to the fact that that may never happen,” Warner said.

Asked if retirement was an option, Warner, 31, said: “That’s something that I will continue to sit down with my family and weigh up all my considerations before I make any decisions.”

Warner and axed captain Steve Smith received one-year suspensions for their role in the affair while batsman Cameron Bancroft has been banned for nine months.

Addressing the media for the first time since Bancroft was caught tampering with the ball during the third Test against South Africa in Cape Town last week, Warner said he took responsibility for his actions.

“To all ns, whether you’re a cricket fan or not, I apologise for the impact those actions have had on our country’s reputation,” Warner said, fighting back tears.

“I’ve only ever wanted to bring glory to my country through playing cricket.

“I failed in my responsibilities as vice-captain of the n cricket team.”

But Warner frustrated reporters and a nation demanding answers by repeatedly deflecting questions about whether any teammates outside the banned trio knew of the cheating plot or whether he had tampered with the ball on previous occasions.

“I am here to talk about the part I played in this. It’s inexcusable. I am sorry,” Warner said.

“In the coming weeks and months, I’m going to look at how this happened and who I am as a man.

“I will seek out advice and expertise to help me make serious changes.”

Warner’s wife Candice sat in the back of the Cricket NSW amphitheatre and was clearly emotional as Warner fielded answered questions about the saga for the first time.

He refused to call himself a scapegoat after being fingered as the architect of the plot.

Asked whether South African wicketkeeper Quinton de Kock’s remarks about his wife and other taunts from sections of the hostile crowds played a part in his decision to engage in ball tampering, Warner said: “It’s tough for me to talk about where my thought space was on that day given the circumstances that happened in Durban but I’m here to take full responsibility of my actions of the part that I played on day three in Newlands.

“I am extremely sorry and I really, really regret it. It’s a decision that will stick with me for the rest of my life.”

The 31-year-old’s bans will cost him millions of dollars, with his $2.4 million IPL contract torn up, as well as lucrative sponsorships.

But Warner indicated he had accepted Cricket ‘s 12-month ban and said he supported the governing body’s probe into the culture of the n team.

When asked if he was surprised by the furore that had erupted and whether he had misjudged the mood of the nation, Warner said: “I’m not surprised at all.

“We let our country down. It was a bad decision, I played my part in that.

“It’s going to take a long time to earn respect back from the public.”

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David Warner addresses public regarding ball tampering

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Former n Test Cricketer David Warner fronts the media at Moore Park. Picture: Brook Mitchelln cricket vice captain David Warner said the decision to partake in the ball tampering scheme was one he “will regret for the rest of his life”.

In a press conference in Sydney, a tearful Warner addressed media and cricket officials.

“In the back of my mind there is a tiny ray of hope that I may one day be given the privilege of playing for my country again,” he said.

Picture: Brook Mitchell

“I am resigned to the fact that mightnever happen.”

Warner said he will take the next months to think about “how this has happened” and “who he is as a man”.

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CA investigation: Futures of Smith Lehman hang in the balanceSteve Smith breaks down, takes full responsibility for ball tamperingSmith, Warner and Bancroft sent home, heavy sanctions to followDark day for n cricket as Steve Smith admits plan to cheatWarner extended the apology to his wife and daughters.

“Your love means more than anything to me,” he said.

“I will never put you in this position again.”

Watch LIVE: David Warner speaks to the media in Sydney https://t成都夜场招聘/Psybip9QLZ

— cricket成都夜总会招聘.au (@CricketAus) March 31, 2018

Warner said he takes full responsibility for his part in the scheme.

When asked if the scandal was his idea, Warner responded he was here to take responsibility for his part.

“It is extremely regrettable,” he said.

Warner said he was “not surprised at all” as to how the n public had reacted to the scandal.

Captain Steve Smith and Cameron Bancroft were also embroiled in the scandal which unfoldedon the third day of the South Africa test in Cape Town

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International author Anita Shreve dies

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Anita Shreve, author of 19 novels, including The Pilot’s Wife and The Weight of Water, has died.Anita Shreve, the best-selling novelist who explored how women responded to crises past and present in her native New England in favourites such as The Pilot’s Wife, Testimony and The Weight of Water, has died. She was 71.

Publisher Alfred A Knopf said Shreve, who had been battling cancer, died on Thursday at her home in New Hampshire.

Shreve had announced her illness last year on Facebook, writing that a “medical emergency” would prevent her from touring for what became her last novel, The Stars Are Fire.

Knopf editor Jordan Pavlin said in a statement on Friday that Shreve’s “writing has touched the lives of millions of readers around the world, and she did some of her most elegant, rich, and unforgettable work in the last years of her life”.

Fellow writers, from Jodi Picoult to Terry McMillan, also offered tributes.

Sue Monk Kidd tweeted that Shreve was “an amazing writer who offered unparalleled generosity to other writers, including me”.

Shreve’s novels sold millions of copies, especially after Oprah Winfrey chose The Pilot’s Wife for her book club in 1999.

Shreve was also a favourite source for Hollywood. The Pilot’s Wife, Resistance and The Weight of Water all were adapted into movies.

Her literary honours included an O.Henry Prize for the story ‘Past the Island, Drifting’ and being a finalist for England’s Orange Prize for The Weight of Water. Shreve wrote 19 novels in all, and preferred to work in longhand.

“The creative impulse, the thing that gets deep inside me, goes from the brain to the fingertips,” she told The Writer magazine.

“When you’re writing by hand, even when you’re not consciously thinking about it, you’re constructing sentences in the best way possible. And I still get the thrill of the clean pad of notepaper and the pencil all sharpened.”

Born in Dedham, Massachusetts, and a graduate of Tufts University, she began writing fiction while a high school teacher in Reading, Massachusetts, and worked for a time as a journalist in Kenya.

As teenager, she had loved Eugene O’Neill’s Long Day’s Journey Into Night and aspired to “the romantic angst of a tragic writer”. Around the same time, she spent a snowy afternoon reading Edith Wharton’s spare and bitter Ethan Frome and would cite it as a lasting influence.

“The universe within Wharton’s enduring tale is snowbound and isolated, just as frozen and stark as the world outside my window that day,” Shreve wrote in Winfrey’s magazine “O” in 2004.

“Never before had I experienced reality and fiction merging so powerfully. I have said often that this book was the beginning of my life as a novelist.”

She wrote of women haunted or traumatised.

“It doesn’t interest me to write about women who aren’t real,” Shreve told The Writer in 2014.

“My mother once said, ‘The minute I read that a character is beautiful, I flip the book over my shoulder.’ It lacks authenticity.”

Shreve was married twice, mostly recently to John Osborn, and had two daughters.

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Officials play vital role at the Bathurst 6 Hour

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FAMILY AFFAIR: Shelly Ives and her daughter Katey Ison are two of the host of officials working at the Bathurst 6 Hour. Photo: CONTRIBUTED

Come Sunday afternoon it will be drivers who are spraying champagne on the Bathurst 6 Hour podium at Mount Panorama, but they would not get the chance to do so without the hard work of officials.

Up and down Pit Laneand across the mountain, officials are working hard to make sure the Bathurst 6 Hour runs as smoothly as possible.

​Someone that knows all about the importance of officials is Shelly Ives. She has beenofficial in some capacity for 25 years, having started at out Lakeside in Queensland.

“I just walked in there, I was the only girl and I started in the dummy grid area. I worked in the Pit Lanearea–I did that for about four years or so,” she said.

“Then I started travelling to Bathurst and Indy and I went to Clipsal then I became CRO, which is Competitor Relations Officer. That’s a little bit like being an adviser between the driver and the stewards –you help the driver out.”

Ives filled that official role for nine years –travelling totracks across the nation –before switching to another motor sport job.

She became the first female team manager in the Konica Development Series and from the contacts she created in that role, was offered a chance to work as an official for a Supercars outfit.

Ives had a host of regulations to familiarise herself with and learned pit strategy by “sitting there and doing it”.

“Their rule book was like a frigging door stop. I was with that Konica team for two or three years and I helped out a main game team –V8s –for half a year,” she said.

Ives spent more time working for both teams in the development series and Supercars, before moving again into the V8 Utes category.

There she filled a host of roles:“I was pit manager, I was operations manager, I did PR, I’ve done commentating at this circuit and other circuits, I had a catering business.”

Nowadays Ives is category manager for n Production Cars, while at Mount Panorama over the weekend she worked as a member of the6 Hour Fibre 15 team.

She helped that outfit with data about their pit stops, but Ives knows firsthand thatofficials who were busy across the mountain at the same time were just as important.

“You can’t run a race meting without officials,” Ives said.

“It’s a safety aspect, you need people out there with flags. You can have lights, but somebody has got to activate them, somebody has got to be there if there’s a fire, somebody has got to be there if there’s an accident, so you can not have motor sport without officials.”

Ives clearly has a passion for what she does –one she now shares with her daughter Katey Ison –but she would love to see more people become involved in motor sport as officials.

“It’s great, I love it.My daughter Katey comes along now … I’ve trained her and she helps out with the team. Her and I are a team within a team,” she said.

“Being an official, it just opens up so many doors. It’s great camaraderie with everybody –the good thing now is that I can go to a track and I know the officials, all the team people, it takes half an hour to walk two garages because you keep getting stopped.

“At the end of the race they thank officials, but they really do need more acknowledgement and we need more people to come along and join up.

“The thing is, the officials who are up the top, they are getting older, so we need new blood coming in so we can start training them to one day take over.

“If you like drivers, you get to meet them, you actually get to be more personal with them and get to see what goes on in a team –it’s a win-win situation.”

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Pope marks Good Friday amid tight security

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Pope Francis presides over the Via Crucis (Way of the Cross) torchlight procession in Rome.Pope Francis has presided over solemn Good Friday services amid heightened security at Rome’s Colosseum for the Via Crucis procession, and a new communications controversy at home over the existence of hell.

Wearing his white coat to guard against the night-time chill, Francis listened intently along with some 20,000 faithful as the meditations re-enacting Christ’s crucifixion were read out in the torch-lit Colosseum.

At the end, he delivered a meditation of his own, denouncing those who seek power, money and conflict, and prayed the Catholic Church will always be an “arc of salvation, a source of certainty and truth”.

This year, the prayers were composed by students in keeping with Francis’ dedication of 2018 to addressing the hopes and concerns of young Catholics.

Italian police, carabinieri and soldiers were on alert, with Holy Week coinciding with a spate of arrests of suspected Islamic extremists around Italy, and warnings from law enforcement about the return of foreign fighters from Iraq and Syria.

The Good Friday procession, the seminal event in Christianity leading to Christ’s resurrection celebrated on Easter Sunday, also coincided with a new communications controversy in the Vatican over the Pope’s reported assertion that hell doesn’t exist.

The Vatican hasn’t denied Francis’ comments to the La Repubblica newspaper at the height of Holy Week, saying only that Francis’ quotes can’t be considered a “faithful transcript” of what he said since the journalist reconstructed a conversation.

It was the fifth time in five years that Francis has spoken to Repubblica’s founder, Eugenio Scalfari, a 93-year-old devout atheist who admits he doesn’t record or take notes during interviews.

Nearly every time a Francis interview has appeared on Repubblica’s front page, the Vatican press office has insisted the Pope’s words weren’t necessarily accurate, without denying them outright or explaining what he meant.

That has prompted questions about why the Pope continues to speak to Scalfari and allow himself to be quoted.

Spokesman Greg Burke didn’t respond on Friday when asked whether the Pope believes in the existence of hell or not. Francis has in the past spoken frequently about the devil and hell, in keeping with Catholic teaching.

The doubts, however, have enraged Catholic conservatives, who have lost their patience with a Pope who seems to care less about doctrine than dialogue, especially with atheists and people of other faiths.

Leading Francis critic Antonio Socci said the Pope’s words “in one fell swoop wiped away all the dogma of immortality of the soul and hell. As if the church has been tricking us for 2,000 years and Christ had lied by instilling in us the fear of hell”.

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Arnie stable after heart surgery on valve

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Arnold Schwarzenegger is in stable condition after having surgery to replace a pulmonary valve.Arnold Schwarzenegger is recovering in a Los Angeles hospital after undergoing heart surgery.

The 70-year-old former California governor had a scheduled procedure to replace a pulmonic valve on Thursday, according to Schwarzenegger’s spokesman, Daniel Ketchell. He was in stable condition on Friday.

“His first words were actually ‘I’m back’, so he is in good spirits,” Ketchell tweeted.

The operation was necessary to replace a valve that had originally been installed in 1997 for a congenital heart defect.

“That 1997 replacement valve was never meant to be permanent, and has outlived its life expectancy,” Ketchell said. Schwarzenegger opted for a less-invasive catheter valve replacement procedure.

An open-heart surgery team was ready during the procedure but Ketchell said their presence wasn’t unusual in such circumstances.

“They frequently are in these circumstances, in case the catheter procedure was unable to be performed,” Ketchell said. “Governor Schwarzenegger’s pulmonic valve was successfully replaced.”

Schwarzenegger was a bodybuilding star before turning to movies. His career as an action hero took off with the box-office hit Conan the Barbarian in 1982. His role in the Terminator in 1984 propelled him into box-office superstardom. He served as governor of California from 2003 to 2011.

In addition to his heart ailments, Schwarzenegger had a motorcycle crash in 2001 that left him with several broken ribs. He’s had a hip replaced and had rotator cuff surgery in 2003.

Schwarzenegger is set to return to the Terminator franchise in the sixth film in the series, which is scheduled for release by Paramount on July 26, 2019.

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Mourning in Gaza after 16 protesters slain

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Five Palestinians have been killed in clashes with Israeli troops during Land Day protests in Gaza.Palestinian authorities haveannounced a day of national mourning in the wake of 16 Gazans being killed by Israeli forces during protests commemorating Palestine’s so-called Land Day and called for a strike.

Friday’s Land Day marches, which embodied the demand of Palestinian refugees and their descendants to be allowed to return to their homeland, saw 16 Palestinians killed when Israeli troops opened live fire on the protesters, of which some 1400 were injured, including 20 in critical condition.

Schools, universities, public institutions and private businesses closed their doors in the West Bank, East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip on Saturday, a working day for most Palestinians, after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas had called for a national day of mourning.

The funerals and burials of the 16 deceased, most of whom were young people in their twenties, are set to be held later on Saturday in the Gaza Strip.

More than half of Gaza’s 2 million inhabitants are refugees or their descendants, according to the United Nations.

Other Palestinian factions have joined the Islamist movement Hamas in promoting the “Great Return March,” which plans to maintain a presence of hundreds of protesters along the border between Gaza and Israel until May 15, when Palestinians commemorate what they call the Nakba (“Catastrophe”), referring to the exile and dispossession of Arabs that accompanied the founding of Israel in 1948.

According to Palestinian sources, some 40,000 people participated in the protests on Friday, while the Israeli army estimated that they were 30,000.

During a speech on Friday in Ramallah, Abbas called for international protection for the Palestinian people.

The UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, said he was deeply concerned about the unrest in Gaza and called for an independent and transparent investigation into Friday’s events.

The UN expressed fears that the situation in Gaza could deteriorate in the coming days.

During an emergency Security Council meeting convened on Kuwait’s initiative, the UN urged Israel to use lethal force against protesters only as a last resort.

On Friday, the Israeli Defence Forces said in a statement that 17,000 Palestinians were “rioting” in five locations along the Gaza Strip security fence.

“The rioters are rolling burning tyres and hurling firebombs and rocks at the security fence and IDF troops, who are responding with riot dispersal means and firing towards main instigators,” the statement added.

Young Gazans hurled stones at soldiers, who fired tear gas in order to disperse the thousands of men, women and children gathered in the area, witnesses told EFE.

Israel announced earlier this week that 100 snipers would be posted along the Gaza border.

The Land Day tradition commemorates the events of March 30, 1976, when Israeli soldiers fatally shot six Palestinians who were protesting the Israeli government’s expropriation of large swathes of Palestinian-owned land.

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ABC creates reality show with a conscience

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ABC series Employable Me follows people with Neuro diverse conditions as they search for employment.Finding a job can be a struggle, for some more than others.

In a new ABC series, Employable Me, a group of people with Neuro diverse conditions such as Autism, OCD and Tourette Syndrome are followed as they search for meaningful employment.

The show doesn’t exploit their conditions, instead it aims to assist them in their search for their dream job.

Sydney man, Jonathan, is autistic and said taking part in the show was a “no-brainer” as he tried to find his ideal job.

“If I had a dream job that was structured around providing tangible benefits to society, it would involve being a forensic accountant,” Jonathan said.

It might seem strange that anyone could find a job with cameras following their every move, but Jonathan actually found it beneficial.

“I must take to having a camera pointed at me like a duck takes to a pond,” he said.

“I thrived in the presence of many cameras, even as other people were somewhat confused, surprised. I was more concerned with my chest hair that came off when the microphone was taken off.”

As part of the show, the job-seeker went through a functional work assessment from Sydney University’s Brain and Mind Research Centre, interviewed for several cadetships – meeting with Ernst & Young and Westpac – and gained valuable work experience.

He believes the show doesn’t just benefit him, but could serve as a larger example to society.

“What I can say with certainty is that myself and other documentary participants have sent out a message that is really hard to ignore. A message that could potentially lead to an Autistocracy – government that is led, managed by people with a high functioning-type of mental disorder, ” he said.

“But maybe I might be getting too ahead of myself.”

* Employable Me, premieres on Tuesday, April 3 at 8.30pm (AEDT) on ABC and ABC iview.

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Relief as Stannard to make full recovery

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Rugby’s James Stannard (file) has been ruled out of the Commonwealth Games with a fractured skull. Surgeons say James Stannard will make a full recovery from his fractured skull

James Stannard’s coach feared the veteran rugby sevens playmaker had been killed when his head smashed into the pavement in a one-punch attack on Good Friday.

Reliving the frightening early-morning incident, an emotional Andy Friend revealed there was no warning before the incident that left Stannard with a fractured skull outside a Coogee kebab shop.

A 22-year-old British man has been charged over the blow.

Friend said he was standing near Stannard and saw his head hit the pavement “very hard”.

“My instinct was that it wasn’t good, that it was fatal,” he said on Saturday.

Friend’s next instinct was to make sure the fleeing perpetrator didn’t get away, helping to detain him for police with help from star players Lewis Holland and Ben O’Donnell.

Despite initial fears, Stannard has been told by surgeons he’s likely make a full recovery and is free to leave Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital.

In an emotional press conference, Friend revealed the 35-year-old had been cleared by his neurosurgeon and an ear, nose and throat specialist.

However, he said Stannard was likely to wait until Sunday to return home.

“He’s doing really well. It didn’t look good, but he’s doing really well,” a relieved Friend said.

The blow brought back terrible memories for Friend who was the Brumbies coach in 2009 when Shawn Mackay died from head injuries sustained in a road accident in South Africa.

“It was one of those surreal moments where the world stops,” he said. “Sadly I’ve seen that situation before.

“What staggers me is we can get to the stage where we feel we can act with such violence to an individual.”

Friend said his family, Stannard and other rugby sevens players and staff had surprised him with an early farewell party, as the Commonwealth Games will be his last event as coach.

The coach said it was a special night and nobody wanted it to end – and the violent way it did end had come “out of the blue”.

“All I know was there wasn’t an ounce of aggression all night, it was a beautiful night,” he said.

“I can assure you it was not a boozy affair that was going to turn sour.”

Without Stannard and incumbent captain Holland, enter the Gold Coast Games without an experienced leader as well as their best two playmakers.

It leaves their medal hopes all-but shot, but Friend was quick to point out his young side thrives under adversity.

“One thing I now about this team is there’s tremendous character, there’s tremendous belief and every time we’ve had one of those occasions … we step up and take it to another level,” he said.

Friend has called Brandon Quinn into his 12-man squad for the Games tournament but is yet to decide on his new captain, with Tom Lucas and Jesse Parahi the prime candidates.

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